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Entry #7


2009-08-14 18:51:58 by Quebecboy

I've done it for the impossible quiz 2 I am again

when a B is plced before a question umber, it means that there is a bomb within it

-2)Clint Eastwood
-4)A femur
-5)click on the empty skip arrow
-6)click on ''what'' in the question
-8)click on ''h'' on your keyboard
-9)Blnd Pg
-10) count the number of sperm and click on the answer after
-11) 4
-B12) click on the dots in numerical order (SKIP ARROW arrow if you click on the empty dot after the 7th one)
-13)corn flakes
-14) click on the thing (fast) that the text demand you
-16)click on the word ''question''
-17) press ''C'' on your keyboard
-18)The dictionnary
-19)A Tin
-20)click many time on the cat body
-B21) drag the dot in the question number in between the 2 and the 1....then click on it.
-22) a yoglett
-B23) click the number of bubbles the cat demand you (click on the purple bubble at the far left for a fuse stopper)
-24) click on the ''far t'' word in the question
-27)wow. the impossible quiz have sure gone downhill
-B28) drag the body of the delevery boy out and click on his liver.
-29)a yoglett
-30) press and altern the left and right key
-31)No U
-B32) press on ''M'' on your keyboard
-33)you wrote it with your left hand
-35) press on ''P'' on your keyboard
-36)drag the word ''bowel'' out and click on the arrow
-B37) click many time on the red button!!!
-39)people die
-40)click on crotch
-41)wipe their arse
-B42)click on many buttons at the same time (keyboard) and kill the guy
-B43)type ''cast'' on your keyboard
-44)put the word ''mouse'' on ''here'' then click the arrow
-B45)drag the word ''ground'' and click on the water hole beneath it
-46) all letters stand for a word...(ex: day of the week...color on a rainbow... planets... or ''It's a fart isn't?'' so choose the letter that come after!
-B47)rub your mouse on the metal antenna really quick! (WHERE THE DOGS STAND)
-B49)random..........just click on holes or empty spaces (best guess are the corners of the planet like up-left and up-west)
-B50) QUICK click on the machine 3 times!

I need help for the missing skip arrow and the question 46...but here ya go have fun bragging that you beat it with MY help :P

Thx to VenomXYZ and Kyjast for updating my answers!


My quest to find all answer is not over! Chapter 2 is now out!


-51) Depends on the size of your mouth
-52) Hello Scores
-53) Load '' ''
-B54) Click all dots (even the one next to the question number)
-55) Mostly Harmless
-56) All of the above
-57) Crab Meat
-58) *press ''1'' and '' up arrow'' on your keyboard*
-59) * press the 59th rectangle counting left to right *
-60) *put your pong paddle in center and you will winnar*

Cassette-O-Matic 4000
- type '''' near the LOAD text and then click right next to it

-61) 15
-62) press left and right arrow key

Other answers are coming soon


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2009-08-14 21:05:48

For number 46: you answer the question randomly (I think they're all wrong), then you get another set of problems. Answer "was this supposed to be a fart?"


2009-08-15 15:08:13

Wow, no one seems to get number 46 when I figured it out straight away xD The letters in the questions all stand for something, and order of things. For example if it says 'mtwtfs', that is the days of the week, so the answer is 's', for sunday. Other examples are the colours of the rainbow: 'roygbi' with 'v' as the right one. The only other one I've come across on that question is the planets: 'mvemjsun', mercury, venus, earth, mars etc etc, with p being correct, for pluto. Hope that helps :)


2009-08-15 15:15:20

Here's another, although I have no clue what it stands for:


So, so far the possible questions are:

And for the skip arrow, connect the dots until you reach 7, then click the unlabeled dot under 1. Then finish it before the bomb blows.


2009-08-15 15:22:37

Erm... please could you very kindly explain number 47 in a bit more detail. Thanks. I'm really stuck on it.


2009-08-15 20:54:40

if u are lucky on 49 u somtimes just drag the word life over the plant


2009-08-25 09:53:46

TIQ is Tetrahydroisoquinoline (neurochemical associated with addiction)

49 is the worst. How do you do it without skips?


2009-12-26 11:38:22

Some times, at question 49, you have to drag the "life" word to mars. And it says: "There is it now!"


2010-04-20 05:43:45

@ coldemone : I think that TIQ stands for The Impossible Quiz because:
TIQ - The Impossible Quiz
TIQT - The Impossible Quiz Two
TIQB - The Impossible Quiz Book


2010-08-01 11:04:12

on 42 press A and S


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2012-02-04 12:55:03

I don't know if anyone else said this yet...
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine...Ten!
Oldest puzzle in the book, no pun intended.


2012-04-01 16:14:39

I finished making all Impossible Quiz Book answer and Power ups!


2013-07-28 02:05:28

On number 23, if you click on the purple bubble to get a fuse stopper, and answer the question wrong twice, clicking on the purple bubble again each time, you'll get another fuse stopper to use for later. :)