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Impossible quiz 2-ANSWER 1 to 120!!

2007-09-01 21:47:48 by Quebecboy

Well,here is all the answer of the game ''The Impossible Quiz 2''(If you see a ''B'' before the question number,it's mean the question is timed,there is a bomb)

1-Up his sleevis
5-Do what Frank said to type
7-Press the right key
8-10 letters in
9-Press on the evolving fish a lot of time(press on the bubble to gain a skip)
10-Pick up the word''a penguinand press on the green button
11-Do the small maze
14-press on the number 14 two times
15-A backwards dog
17-catch the brown balloon
18-Fly sandwiches
B20-press on the switch,then press all the buttons on the face of this ugly man(press the small one on his ear to gain a fusestopper)
22-pink clouds
23-take the ring around the number 23 and do a Tic-Tac-Tow with it
25-When it's a jar
26-You run.You run so far away
B27-Press the ''1''key on your keyboard
28-This is Sparta!
B29 find the jewel near the water flow(to the right,near the waterflow,put the bomb into the water flow if you find one)(let explode the green one,you'll earn a skip button)
B30-Press the ''0'' in the number 30
31-Drive down the M4
B32-pick the finger
33-click on the number 33
B34-click on the death button
35-Aim for the face
37-put the mouse outside of the screen and wait until the animation is done(because elephant are afraid of mice)
B38-press alternatively on any buttons in your keyboard
B39-Do this challenging maze
41-wait until your answer become smaller,click on it after.(above the skip buttons,near the big circle,a fusestopper is hidden)
42-put the worm hand on the face of the other worm(watch the animation)
B43-Hope you already played the Impossible quiz 1,because it's a random question of this game,can't help you on that :P
44-What you say!!
45-EIEIO!!(click on these letter in the same order in your choice of answer)
46-Around Orion's Waist
47-Universal Serius bus
48-USB ports
49-Do what Frank said to type,but beware if he doesn't say ''Frank Say''
BB50-THE BADLY DRAWN DOG(Go watch that serie,so funny)the first part,you need to click the fastest you can on his head,the second part,you need to rub the body of the dog the fastest you can,watch the random ending :D
51-click on the ''came l''in the question
52-Rub the magic lamp
53-click near the ''G'' in the question
B54-put the REAL mouse on the button(you can see his tail in the bottom of the screen,under the skip button)
56-click on his ''micropenis''near the beginning of his legs
57-Four(if you don't get it,take a time to think :P)
58-click on SPACE key
59-took the R out of the word to make the word ''Vanish''
B60-PULL LIKE HELL!!!Until the sentence appear
61-To get to the other side
63-Press the ''Q'' on the quality button(press the ''Q'' on your keyboard to earn a skip)
B64-Find the difference...FAAAAAAASSSSSSSTTTTT!!!go see below for a picture ;)
65-Goat's blood
B66-click on all the leaf,but not the one who make his neck(click on the purple flower to get a fusestopper)
67-First,you must click on the lovely green button :P,after this,you'll get the code for the question 100,also the black metallic wall will open,so go take the key,go throught the new road that have been open,then unlock the door :D
68-Checkpoint are for the weak and mentally challenged
B69-click on the number 2 of the bomb
70-small animation where you beat up Chris,the impossible quiz cat...WATCH HOW MANY PUNCH HE GET ON HIS FACE,you'll see why later...
B71-28.8 kbps modem
B73:click to cut the bush...really fast
75-Depend on how many punch you saw in question 70
77-a fat bloke
B78-Turn the crank,fast
79-Drag the word ''on'' in the place he want
80-corpse bra
81-click the anser(it's a duck)
B82-obvious(but you need to wait until the bomb number 3 appear)
B83-remove the blank hole to discover a worm,click on the next button next to him
B86-Press the ''U'' key on your keyboard
87-click the egg that the ARROW show(focus on the arrow,not on the Carrot)
B88-Just wait until the bomb blow
89-I'd have thought that at least one of them would have ducked
B90-DON'T READ THE QUESTION,because a bomb will explode before you are able to finish(it surprise me in fact :P)the answer is:TL;DR
91-shoot Amy's head when the target appear
92-none,I'm playing the impossible quiz 2
B93-click on the text ''the odd one''
B95- -15.1,-4,0,2,15,15.1,76,151(in this order)
B96-click on your lives number
B97-click on the letter ''K'' in the question(because it's in the middle of...)
99-MINIGAME TIME,you must pop 99 red ballons,the green balloons will lose you a point,the blue balloons will lose you a life and the bomb rocket will KILL YOU!!
100-I hope you did the maze with the small path :P

Welcome to the Chris's incredible 20

B101-Type the alphabet(A to Z)in 10 seconds!!!!
B102-Lift all the things who hide Chris head,then click on his face
B104-Wash all the windows in 15 seconds
B105-Drag the question number and click on the switch
B106-Put the blue eye on the machine and the coconut in the eye socket
B107-You must say which answer you choose when you did the question the first time(btw,the answer is not written,it's just the rectangle)
B108-Do another maze,but this time,it's the maze who is invisible
B110-Click on the 4 red square(It's random,so it's not always the same answer)
B111-Type the alphabet BACKWARD!(TEBAHPLA EHT) in 10 seconds!!
B112-Drag the can to the can opener,then spin the can opener wheel the fastest you can!
B114-Brush his teeth with the right and left key
B116-put all the broken pieces of the fusestopper at the right spot
117-teh answer is random(I hope you played the impossible quiz demo :P)
B118-do nothing
B119-Type the word of the thing that Frank have in his mind(horse,peanut,chihuahua)
THE ALL MIGHTY QUESTION B120!!-You must say in which question you find...(ex.the 2nd fusestopper=41)


I'm sure you have a better rank than me(I've got D)

Thx to FMA and Yosman for telling me where are the missing skip/fusestopper
Thx to baltic-ave for the answer of the questions 86 to 90
Thx to Kartheon for telling me how to do the maze on the question 67

Impossible quiz 2-ANSWER 1 to 120!!


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2007-09-01 22:35:15

Hey merci man pour les réponses, ça m'as bien aidé =)

Quebecboy responds:

de rien sa m'a fait plaisir,j'en rajoute a chaque fois :)


2007-09-01 22:58:17

Nice list :D

Quebecboy responds:

and it's still growing :D


2007-09-01 23:24:14

ouais nice man meme si jai po e3ncore fini sa maide bcp.

Quebecboy responds:

de rien,je finirai cette liste lorsque les 120 questions seront marquées :D


2007-09-02 01:01:36

Thanks a lot - helped on the ones that I couldn't get - It'll probably be like The Impossible Quiz 1 where you needed all skips - but all Fusestoppers + Skips

Quebecboy responds:

I'm going to add them someday,don't panic :D


2007-09-02 05:31:39

merci pour les reponses, j'ai trouvé quelques autres skips:
29)il y a une bombe verte sous le r de search si tu la laisse exploser elle te donne un skip.
63) si tu appuies sur la touche "q" du clavier tu gagne un skip,

for those who don't understand french here are some extra skips:
29) there's a green bomb under the R of search, let it explode and you'll get a skip
63)press the "q" key of your keyboard and you'll get a skip^^

c'est tout ce que j'ai trouvé pour l'instant, mais maintenant que je peux atteindre le niveau 85 ca devrai aider merci :)

Quebecboy responds:

thx for the skips,I'm going to add them


2007-09-02 15:27:39

Hey, this is a good list but to make it perfect you should leave a note at the start of a question if it's timed, saves a lot of frustration! GJ :]

Quebecboy responds:

ok,not a problem


2007-09-02 15:47:12

on 67, if you mouse over the green button, it says 'code to turning off the universe: 8275' i did that twice and it says 8275 each time, so i'm assuming it doesn't change between plays.

do you know how to actually complete the maze though? every time i pick up the key and start dragging it, i lose a life.

Quebecboy responds:

nah,I skip it :'(


2007-09-02 17:38:53

question 92- "none im on question 92 of the impossiable quiz :("

hopw it helps a lil

Quebecboy responds:

I just wrote it :P


2007-09-02 18:12:14

67-Do this incredibly hard maze(dunno what happen if you click on the green button) :(

If you push the green button it opens the door near the key, opens a small passage for your mouse to get through, and tells you a secret message...

"The code to switch off the Universe is 8275."

Not really sure what that means, but then again, this is The Impossible Quiz 2 we are talking about.

Hope that helps.

Quebecboy responds:

THIS IS THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION 100!!!Thx,I just died at it :P


2007-09-02 21:14:15

You're god.

Quebecboy responds:

please say something I don't know XD


2007-09-02 21:31:52

You know i did this already, right?

Check the 769266th BBS topic.

Quebecboy responds:

yep,you just told me that on the BBS :'(


2007-09-03 03:22:17

This is the probably the most clear and most accurate list i've seen for this game. But damn i can't imagine how long it most have taken you to finish the game :( thanks anyways.

(Updated ) Quebecboy responds:

Well,I'll say a good 12-14 hours for sure(I already started this gameon NotDoppler)Well it wasn't too hard to do ;)


2007-09-04 03:49:35

On the maze with the code and the key, you can't fit down with the key, after you get the code the metal gate opens up and you take the key through the top through the moving walls. its a pain but i pretty much got it down now and can save the skips for chris's 20 =+]

Quebecboy responds:

k,thx mate


2007-09-08 06:56:25

Yes, YES, YES! I finally completed this quiz, and I must thank you for all the answers you contributed down here. By the way, my rank was E.

Quebecboy responds:

lol,it was my pleasure to do this!!(I've got rank E the first time,too :P)


2007-09-08 20:52:30


Quebecboy responds:

it's nothing :)


2008-05-21 06:33:11

Haha, I've got A+! No one will ever beat me (except the ones with A*).

Quebecboy responds: